Step Up Your Stories

When you hire someone to step up your story, you are actually investing in new perspectives. My greatest asset is how I think of things people usually miss. Combined with a solid education and a lifetime of storytelling, you get a unique perspective that will elevate your good stories into becoming great.



With 10+ scripts completed, I’ve seen many great examples of how breakthroughs occur when two minds combine. Feedback has become a crucial tool for me. It holds true when I write for film or TV as well as when I do script consulting. The feedback can be given in stand alone sessions or all the time in co-written projects. As long as you’re aiming for the best possible end result I am interested in helping you out.


Narrative Design

Working on both indie and AAA games, I’ve seen first hand how actually finishing a game of any size is tremendous hard work. Often resources tend to be put on more critical aspects than the narrative design. While this makes perfect sense in a crunching environment, just a slight push with the storyline, world, and characters can do wonders for the final experience, even lessening the workload of other departments.


And more

If you’re looking for a storyteller plus, you might be interested in knowing that I have a teacher’s license and have taught film and media for three years in high school. Many of the films I’ve written I have also produced and directed, as well as creating both infomercials and short documentaries. The best way to understand an industry is to try out different positions within production, and therefore I have worked as first AD, sound, editor, and even actor.